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Re: Them Tarz

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Al Powell wrote:

> Hey - I know the group plays "mine's bigger'n yours" every now and 
> then - but it's true.  I have the Texas World Speedway 10 miles away 
> the fastest stock car track in the US - and I have put the car on it - and 
> I STILL can't hit 130 on the main front straight.
> To say nothing of real world driving............which is what we all 
> actually do.  For serious track use, whoinhell cares what your street 
> tires are?  You won't be running them.

I dont think this is a pissing contest, just that the blanket statement 
that nobody goes faster than 130 might be untrue. Ive personally done 
much more than that on the right conditions.... You're right, it isnt 
'real world' driving, on the hiway I do 65... but once in a while when 
the times are right, I open it up, and it doesnt take long to get to 130 
(relatively speaking...)


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