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RE: What one Drives after he FIXE$ and UPDATE$

Apparently, the 1.8T will be closer to what you want, i.e., have fewer
gizmos and gadgets.
peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa

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>>One FIXE$ and UPDATE$$ and FIXE$ a Quattro automobile.

>>Inbetween FIXE$ and UPDATE$, one DRIVE$ a quattro . . .

>>				RDH

Yes,  this is indeed the truth.

There is talk on the digest of BMWs having glorious engines and
transmissions,  but rusting away.  This is the case with my 87 535is.
It brings me to tears when I realize that it is slowly die-ing of

As for gizmos,  my dream car is something like the A4Q with the 5 valve
engine,  but no elictrical gizmos.  Just electric windows,  sunroof,
computer -- and thats it!!  My 535is is like that and I find that
nothing else

How do you people feel about the ULTRA cramped engine bay of the A4Q.
Can't seem to get at anything in there.