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RE: A4Q tire oddities

My experience says that it is wheelbase size that causes that


>From: 	Peter Henriksen
>Sent: 	Friday, August 02, 1996 12:49 PM
>To: 	'Edward E. Griebel Jr'; 'quattro'
>Subject: 	RE: A4Q tire oddities
>I have seen the same thing (extreme skittishness on grated bridges -
>"solution" was to just not touch anything; no gas, no braking, no
>steering corrections) with our 88 Saab, 94 Acura, 80 Mazda and other
>vehicles on a variety of tires (in order: Dunlop D40 M2, XGTV4, generic
>somethings), but the 91 200qw does nothing of the sort on Dunlop D40
>M2s. I guess what I'm trying to say is that since I've seen it with FWD
>and RWD both and with the Dunlops on FWD and AWD, I would say that it's
>the AWD that makes the difference, but in your case that doesn't seem to
>be it. Maybe better tires *and* quattro would cure it.
>peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa
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>From:        	Edward E. Griebel Jr [SMTP:griebel_ed@jpmorgan.com]
>Sent:         	Friday, August 02, 1996 7:23 AM
>To:            	quattro
>Subject:   	A4Q tire oddities
>Weird thing with the stock Conti tires (sorry, can't be more 
>specific than that, maybe someone else knows). As far as 
>performance, they seem "fine", but I haven't had a chance to give 
>them a good thrashing yet. 
>However, whenever I get on grooved pavement or on "open bottom" 
>metal bridges (called viaduct ?) the car is *extremely* 
>skittish. It's very unsettled, and feels almost like it's jumping a 
>couple of inches back and forth. Since I only notice this in situations 
>above, I'm not worried. Has anybody else experienced this?
>96 A4Q
>89 Celica