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Tires - Bridgestone - Dunlop - Michelin Update

-- [ From: Daniel A. Ivanciw * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Hello All,

It has been about three weeks now since I replaced my Michelin XGT4Vs
with Bridgestone Potenza S-02 tires, both in 225/50R-16 size, on my
1993 S4.  Well, I can tell you so far I really love the Bridgestones. 
They are a drastic improvement over the Michelins.  Where the Michelins
were lousy in both wet and dry conditions, the Bridgestone are
fabulous.  No more loose wobble feeling when cornering in dry
conditions and no more hydroplane worries in rain storms!  The
Michelins were terrible and never gave me confidence in the rain,
especially in heavy downpours.  But the S-02s shead water like crazy
and so far I haven't been able to get even a glimmer of hydroplanning
out of them.

It also turns out that about five weeks ago I put a new set of Dunlop
SP8000 (205/50R-15) on my 1990 20V 90 Quattro.  The Dunlops on my 90Q
are also very excellent tires and again they replaced lousy Michelin
tires, although to be fair, the Michelins I had on the 90Q were great
in the snow!  

Although it is not a completely valid comparison, overall and with cost
no object, I prefer the Bridgestones over the Dunlops.  Don't get me
wrong because I really think both tires are excellent and would not
hesitate to recommend the SP8000s to anyone, especially given the price
difference.  But, the S-02s seem to be better in heavy rain.  I am
basing that on the fact that the tires on my S4 are wider and still
offer very excellent performance in the rain.  I will have to admit
though, that I also have not be able to make the Dunlops hydroplane

As for quietness and smoothness, the Dunlops win, but not by a lot. 
The Bridgestones are not at all noisy, but the Dunlops seem to me to be
an exceptionally quiet tire.  Also, the Bridgestone is a Z rated tire,
and for a Z rated tire the ride comfort is very good - I was pleasantly
surprised, but the Dunlop gives a smoother ride.  Both tires should
wear the same as both are rated 160 for treadwear.

My bottom line opinion is that if cost is not a concern I would
recommend the S-02s, otherwise the Dunlops are the way to go.

Thanks.  <<DAN>>