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A4 Spoiler

On Fri 02 Aug, owner-quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net wrote:

> From: "Ali A. Bukhari" <aab1@acpub.duke.edu>
> Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 15:31:26 -0400 (EDT)
> Subject: A4 Spoiler?
> Hello.
> I've been hunting for a silver A4 quattro for a while and a  
> dealership a couple of hours away has one available. The only problem  
> is that it has a spoiler on it. Before I drive to the dealership, I 
> wanted to know if anyone had any experiences with an A4 that had a 
> spoiler on it. Does it look as good or better than an A4 without a 
> spoiler, what is a reasonable price to pay for the spoiler, and if you 
> had the choice would you get an A4 with or without the spoiler.

In this country every second car has a spoiler. Unless it is designed
aerodynamically and specifically for the car (and virtually none are),
aftermarket spoilers are purely cosmetic. Opinion on desirability is 
thus purely subjective so I suggest you get it if you like it & don't
 if you don't!

FWIW I have not put one on my A4 because I feel it "spoils" the clean
balanced lines of the standard body. If I was going to skirt the car
and change to larger wheels then I probably would. Also, the A4 has
a very low Cd of 0.29 and adding a spoiler will "spoil" this increasing fuel
consumption and reducing top speed.

BTW I think the A4 looks SUPER in silver.

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Tq MTM 187hp Ming Blue