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Re: A4 Metalic Brakepads..

In a message dated 96-08-02 06:21:48 EDT, you write:

<< Hey there,
    I just installed a set of FrictionTech brake pads on my A4.  I am getting
 some squealing during braking and was told that turning the rotors (all 4)
 will eliminate this.  I am inclined to agree but wanted to float the
 to you pro's anyway.   Is this going to eliminate the noise??  and does $125
 bucks seem reasonable???  it seems mighty steep to me....
    Thanks for the help
           '96 A4q >>


Before I would attempt the machining of valuable brake disk, I would remove
the pads and sand the contact (pad to rotor) surface with a fine sandpaper.
 Also, bevel the edge of the pads slightly, and pur some of the high temp
"goop"(technical term often used by my wife) that Al Powell and others
recommended.  You should use the sandpaper LIGHTLY on the rotors to just take
off any glazing that has occurred.  The squeal is caused, as Al said, by
vibrations of the pad between the calipers and rotors.  This will help seat
the new pads to the rotor.  If you are NOT experiencing pulsations upon brake
application then I would NOT have the rotors turned.  Turning rotors also
thins them to the point that many warp when exposed to high heat (i.e. heavy
braking).  Certain pads inherently squeal, especially the "harder"
performance ones, but the above actions should minimize the annoyances...

Bruce Johnson
85 4Kcsq
Olympia, WA