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Flame Bait

	O.K., O.K., O.K., probably asking for it here, but, what the heck.

	Saw an amazing?? infomercial on a product called PROLONG.  How's 
that for free advertising?  Normal kind of bullshi*, but was surprised at 
how many real racing names were advertising the stuff.  Sprint car guy 
that lost his radiator hose like, 1/2 way through the race, finished, no 
rebuild.  Oil additive.  Anybody heard of it?  Used it?

	Now, before you flame the shi* out of me on this, let me tell 
you, *nobody* is a harder gimmick sell than me.  Didn't catch a price or 
number, can't watch but about 5 minutes of T.V. or else I get sick, bored 

	Sorry for the bandwidth