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RE: Audi I5 to live on! (NOT!)

Will it be transversely mounted?

I was reading about the new A3 in Car over the weekend and they keep on
mentioning that it will be available with "Audi's quattro system". It's
not like Car to make such a mistake (quattro can't go with a
transversely mounted engine), so I wonder if it will be a synchro by
another name... 
Yeech! (No slight to the synchro system BTW, but call a rose a rose...

peter, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa, usa

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<< ...the Passat will offer the optional Audi Quattro AWD system and a
2.3L five-cylinder engine.....    (!) >>

>From what I've seen in other publications, the Passat's five cylinder
will be a new VW VR5 (!), not a re-born Audi inline five.  That's right
folks, a narrow angle five of the Volkswagen VR persuasion.