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Re: German or Audi salvage yard

> Can some tell me if there is a german or Audi salvage yard in the San 
> Francisco bay area or Sacramento area. Need to replace to some lens and 
> sort....thanks
I've dealt with German Auto Salvage (510.525.6000) on a number of occasions 
and have been treated well.  They are located in Berkeley and now also go 
by the name WolfSport.  I have also talked to the folks at two places in 
the Sacramento area (specifically Rancho Cordova) German Auto Recycling 
(1.800.688.AUDI) and DADS Auto Dismantling (1.800.321.DADS).  I have no 
experience dealing with them, but they both seem to be good and do allow 
you to check things out on the lot.  

There are also some European salvage yards in the San Jose area.  Let me 
know if you'd like me to forward it to you.  IME these lots don't have a 
lot of Audis to choose from anyway ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)