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Re: Audi I5 to live on! (NOT!)

Psycho Bob wrote:
> > >I could be wrong (has happened before - will happen agin :) but I coudah
> > sworn that the article said I5 and not VR5. Too bad I already tossed it.....
> > (had to what with that _Gawdawful_ ad on pg 156 - visiting kids in the house
> > this week and such :)
> > Actually, the article doesn't specify either...
> The new Audi Passat (or is that VW A6?) is going to be available with
> 160bhp, 2.3 liter VR5. The Audi Passat will also be available with A3's
> 100bhp 1.6, A4's 125bhp 1.8, and A6's 193bhp V6. Only the VR5 is going to
> be unique to VW A6.
> As I take a closer look, I don't think most people (except Audiphiles)
> will be able to distinguish new A6 from new Passat. Bad choice. Even
> GM/Ford/Chrysler do better on this cosmetic department than Audi-VW.
> By the way, the new SuperChips ad is really, really horrible! In this
> world where you cannot distinguish a frind from PC police, I'm suprised
> that the new ad was able to go onto the magazines.
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Just my 2cents -

Could be wrong as well but I thought the newer UroVan from VW asl used 
the venrable Audi I5??