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Gouging (or clueless in WV)

The mention of price gouging and $24 for a filter has just been topped.  

I plan on doing a bit of brake work and will probably be upsetting the wheel
speed sensors (ABS parts) in the process.  I called my local fiendly (sic)
Audi dealer's parts department to locate some of those little plastic caps
for the sensors which assist in setting the sensor depth properly.  The
young buffoon I spoke with had not even a clue about the part I was wanting.
After *mucho* explanation and description he asked me which side the wires
come out of!!!  I patiently explained to him that there weren't any wires
and that the little pieces I wanted were made of plastic about the size of a
toothpaste tube cap.  More fiche searching ensued.  Finally, he came back
with a price of $14.80 each!  I figure he's been smokin' some of those
"funny cigareets".

$14.80 is approximately 106 times the $0.80 price I last got from Linda.
Linda is shipping in a few via overnite express.  Even adding in the high
overnite shipping charges, that $14.80 each price is still way too high.

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