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S2 for sale -- cheap (sort of)

Subtitle: V8 vs 200q and badge engineering

The '91 200 and the V8 are similar in appearance:  Lack of badging, flared
fenders; generally lower and wider appearing.  The big difference is in the
front end.  You can tell a V8 when he's in your rear view mirror, trying to get
by you (Slower traffic move right, please).

My '91 200qw has only the four rings in back, and a "quattro" in the rear
defroster element to identify it.  (This is in addition to the flared fenders,
wide tires, BBS mesh wheels, side marker turn signals, etc)

For sale, for those who want subtlety or distinction:

Three sets of "S2" badges (front/rear).  Brand new, from the dealer, still in
the plastic wrap.  

They are chrome/red, with "S2" etched into them.  I ordered/purchased them for
another lister who has forgotten to send me the check.

Price: $69/set

My recommendation for removing the glue/adhesive from badges/dealer stickers:
Goo-gone and a cotton cloth and a little patience.

Joe Yakubik