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Re: 87 5kcstq WOT switch question

> I checked my throttle cable for slack the other day and came up with a
> question about the WOT switch:  When it is activated by the throttle, should
> you hear a click?  I moved the throttle to the fully open position and heard
> no  sound whatsoever to indicate that anything had "switched".  
Hi Ed!

On the '83 QTC both the idle and WOT switches are micro switches that click 
when activated.  I found on the '88 5kT (with the sealed black switch module) 
that there is only one micro switch, and it is for the idle switch.  The WOT 
switch is a couple of discrete contacts that are actuated by a cam mechanism.
Furthermore, on this car the WOT contacts were bent in such a way that it 
appeared to be *deliberately* set up so that they would never close ... I 
have remedied that situation! ;-)  

My recommendation to you is first to check the function of the WOT switch 
using an ohmmeter.  If you don't see the contacts closing it is possible to 
break the module open and repair the contacts.  The unit on the 5k doesn't 
look quite as good as it used to, but it now works correctly.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)