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Re: New S4 and Dave's Ur-Q

   Talked with my car broker buddy the other day, and Prestige
   Imports (Lakewood, CO) actually had a new S4 there a couple of
   weeks ago.  It was a twin turbo V6, and I guess it had rave
   reviews among the select few who drove it.  They were talking
   low to mid $30K's for price.

Somehow, I find the idea of a "low to mid $30K's" downright laughable.
[If they *do* it, I'll certainly be in line to lay down a deposit!]

This is Audi, remember. 30K Au troy ounces I could belive. 30K UK Pounds,
I might be willing to believe. 3xK $U.S. I'll believe when I've driven it
off the lot with their signatures on my new title.


P.S.	Note to the Audieties: Feel free to consider this a direct "dare"
				and make it happen just to spite me . . .