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Re: Engine Cleaner before Synthoil?

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul F. Levine say:

> Also, the owners manual in my '87 5KCSTQW says basically to use 10W30 
> winter and 20W50 summer. I was going to do this with the synths as well. 
> I notice that Castrol and maybe others have oils like 5W50 which would  
> seem to span the whole range of need. Any comment on using these wider 
> range oils: ups/downs?
> I live in Colorado where it can get to -20 or go up to 85 within a couple 
> of days if not weeks.

I've had two Audi mechanics tell me that Audi now recommends 20W50
year round for their cars. I've been using it in my '90 90Q20V and
my '89 100Q for a year with no ill effects. It does tend to check
your battery capacity in winter....


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