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Re: 5000 trip computer retrofit?

> Could I retrofit the trip computer in my 87 5000s? Without having to add
> exhaust pyrometer and manifold vacuum sender, 20Valve head etc, etc.
> Could someone please tell me it's a straight drop into my rattling dash by
> getting the switch assembly and the tach.
... you probably could retrofit the trip computer fairly easily if you can 
get the switch and the LCD module out of the other dash.  Why would you want 
to put something in your car that isn't that likely to work well anyway?  ;-)

I'm not being totally facetious here ... you'd probably find that the resis-
tor that senses throttle plate position in the airbox isn't reading correctly 
... if it is wired in at all.  If you really want to do it I'd recommend 
checking the Bentley wiring diagram to see how it gets connected up and make 
sure that you pull these parts out of the donor.  I'd be surprised if your 
car didn't have the wiring already in place.  Hell, our '88 5kCSTQW has the 
wiring for the alarm system in it ... I doubt very many were sold with that 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)