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Parting out grey '86 5KT sedan

For anybody who's interested:
   I recently purchased the mentioned vehicle (hit in the nose) as a motor donor 
to my '84 4000S Q.
The fenders and front bumper didn't survive, but the rest of the car is being 
parted.  Luckily this isn't
a Quattro (nobody likes seeing them stuffed).  However, picture the parts 
associated with this car.  Tail
lights, doors, trunk lid, hood, window regulators, interior, heated leather 
seats (no tears, some wear),
rims/tires working auto tranny, heater control panel (part number forth coming) 
blah, blah, blah

   I hate just seeing parts go to a junk yard or the garbage.  If you need any 
parts that this vehicle would
contain, drop me a line and make an offer.  I'm not looking to make a killing, 
just to recover and reinvest
(into the motor) some of the $600 spent initially.  Car is located south of 
Portland, ME.  Delivery on the
larger items is negotiable in the NE area.  I also plan to be at Lime Rock in a 
couple weeks...

See ya!

Stott Hare
'84 4KQ
Biddeford, ME

harest@allenbrook.iix.com - Work
kappa@travelin.com - Portable

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