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Re: speedometer repair/replace

> Is there an easy procedure involved in the repair/replacement of the
> speedometer?  My needle (speed) is funtioning properly, however the
> odometer (miliage) has frozen at 134,699.  Should I try to find a "new"
> used one? New is orobably very high priced.  What is involved in the
> removal?  Thanks for your help!

I'd recommend getting it fixed.  Same thing just happened to my
speedo.  Cost me $85 to have the odometer fixed (at 140k).

I learned an interesting fact out of this.  Although my
car could run without the instrument cluster installed,
the latter was somehow part of the alternator charging
circuit.  So I was able to drive to the speedo repair
shop, but I couldn't leave....  But different cars
have different circuits.  Mine is a VW not an Audi.

To get it repaired, try Palo Alto Speedometer Service.  They've
been doing it for 20+ years and claim that 60% of their
business is mail order.  415-323-0243