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re; 20V 90s

The 20V I5 90s are a mixed bag, IMO.
Note however, that I bought and own one.  happily.

The good:
-quite fast, 165 hp, 7000 rpm redline
-nice "feel" more direct than V6 90
-fun to rev from the 3500 power on point to 6000+
-very solid
-nice looks, IMO (I get lots of comments)

The not so good:
-very small trunk
-no rear seat pass-through or fold feature
-no low-end torque
-difficult to get access to most parts
  (but I have xperienced few failures)
-very few imported, parts are scarce

In summary, it's a solid, comfortable car that
fits my need for a "4-door sports car".  If you'rev it,
it sings.  If you don't, hum a tune to pass the time.

The storage space can be a problem.  I ski, and
generally haul a lot of largeish items around.  Rather,
I would like to.  For skiing, its a 3-seater, 'cuz you 
must steal some of the back seat to pack your woolens
and Laphroaig.

I also curse the lack of a ski sack, but ramming the
ole K2s through the gas tank seems unwise.

OTOH, this is more of a quick-responding handler
than the new A4 (though a little more crude), and way
more fun than the V6 90s (wouldn;t you really rather have
a Buick?).

Note, my comments refer to a 90q20V with lowered
suspension (can;t put a floor jack under it without
removing the dolly), 15" wheels with 205/50 VR tires.

Happy hunting,


ps: who "replied" and forwarded the entire Digest
to the list?  I couldn;t scroll back up to find this guy's
name and address - - my capture buffer isn;t that big!