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Electric Gremlins

Ok the signals are due to a probable bad relay or corroded connectors.
Where do you live and how damp are things there?
 The temp guage might be the sender located in the water neck coming out 
the right (as you look at it ) side of the head (close to radiator top)
Its the one on top. Ohm it out with a voltmeter. resistance should go 
down as temp goes up. If its good, them you got to check wires.
if their good it will be the digital guage(rarely). Usually corrision
prevents a good electrical contact. Water will drive the thing to max
hot! It scared me one day after washing the engine at the local car 
   The oil pressure warning system is a complex thing. The two pressure
sensors are on the block just back of the thermostat housing.
Ones white (yellow if aged) and the other is brown.  Also there is an 
Oil pressure control relay that can go bad. I've replaced mine twice
Check the wiring on the switches. namely the connectors for corrision.