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Coupe GT Misc

Anybody ever had the tach flashing in the digital dash GT Coupe?  I saw this
once and it definitely gets your attention.  Their are no indications of
redline on this tach (at least to my somewhat color blind eyes anyway...).
 It's not the most enjoyable engine to redline as a rule, but in the heat of
the moment, going for that last teensy bit of juice, I did make that sucker
flash once.  All the tick marks began to flash in unison, as if to say
"Danger Will Robinson!"  That was thousands of miles ago and she's still

I never have had the rev limiter cut in and take over, though.  Is there one
on this engine?  What rpm does it cut in at?  What rpm did that tach start
flashing?  I don't car what anyone says, I like my digital dash.  It's got a
lot more personality than any domestic digi-dash I've ever seen.  Especially
the constant flicker from high to low intensity it is displaying now.  I
think I need a new dimmer switch or something.

BTW, on my Coupe the fuel pump is near the right REAR wheel.
Never had vapor lock... ever... in any car.  Oops, now I'll probably get it
today on the way  to the airport.. :-}
My Coupe has never stranded me either, uh, well, once, but that wasn't it's
fault... (Battery leaked, ate wires for lunch, dinner, breakfast...)  Gee why
is that terminal corroded so bad? (broken post)

Believe it or not, I think I noticed the dreaded right rear sag on my Coupe
the other day.  Coincidence?  I think not!

So, like is this the BMW list now or what?

Fix "unintended acceleration"?  How can you fix a mythical product of a TV
producers imagination??

Ed Kellock
Lansing, IA
87 5kcstq
87 cgt 2.3