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RE: quattro-digest V3 #845

I don't believe "totally impractical" has ever deterred many people on
this list from trying something that will give an extra, what, 60hp or
so :-)

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> The 20V 90 is boatloads better than the 10V 90, but there is still less 
> horsepower than the v6, but only like 8hp. The 20V probably (and I dont 
> know this for a fact, because Ive never timed it) slower than the v6, but 
> it FEELS faster. I have the 20V after driving the v6, and it just felt 
> better to me.
> They put a turbo in it, and called it an S2 (although that was really the 
> coupe and not the 90 (2 door version)) but it never made it to the US.
> Bob

Ah yes, the Coupe S2 - 220hp @ 5900rpm. I have some specs here that say
catalytic convertors were installed for the US market - odd that it
arrived.  I suppose it would be totally impractical to attempt to
a North American 20V Coupe Q to this turbo configuration? 

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