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 From: jefj@lightspd.wa.com (Jef Johnstone)
 Date: Thu, 08 Aug 96 11:36:48 PST8
 Subject: RE: 20V temp gauge
 One reason the temp gauge always seems to read 0 (or very cool) is that the
 thermostat may be stuck wide open, thus, never allowing the engine to fully
 warm up (except under severe conditions or load, like going up a steap hill
 hot wheather). This can also cause poor millage since the computer always
 thinks the motor is cool and wants to dump more fuel in. Just an idea!
  Also, does anyone know what the symptoms are of a fuel pump going out? Mine
 emitts a slight humm/buzzing every so often when warm. Car also had a real
 time reving/idling one time (seemed like bad gas....burppp, scuse' me..),
 stalls every so often when I push in the clutch (like slowing down to turn
 a driveway). Any ideas?