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Re: Fast and efficient

Alan Cordeiro wrote:
>  Stirling Thermal Motors, who have great ideas on new products
> based on the Stirling Cycle. 

> Check out SUNPOWER out of Ohio. They specialize in the "free piston"
> solar powered Stirling cycle engines....
> Alan

Thanks Alan, Mark and Eric for the additional info.  Because no Audi content follows, I'll be brief and end the 
thread (unless someone has more breaking news, in which case please send it to my gaping maw).  I'm reading for 
the first time R. Buckminster Fuller's "Critical Path" (after reading Sting's account of his version of history 
on a page of liner notes some time ago, I saw the book at Border's and it caught my eye...I had to buy it).  As 
a gen-Xer, I've had only the briefest public acquaintance with his ideas except for Disney [!?] until curiosity 
struck. I can't believe I was almost totally deprived of his 
aesthetic-engineering/scientific/individualistic-humanitarian perspective during my "mainstream" science 
classes in high-school, but I can understand why I can't believe it. It begs the question: why is it that we 
pubicly ignore some of our best U.S. citizen-thinkers at a time when they could be most valid?

Simply because somebody from the Big 3 doesn't buy your ideas doesn't falsify them.  

Best Wishes,

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ