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Re: 91 200Q wires from Rapid parts

pelletmn@ccsnet.com wrote:
> Slightly short, but this time they fit!
> David Toppin
> Pelletman@ccsnet.com
> 91 200Q 64K No mods yet
> 87 5kcstq IA Stage 1, x drilled Brembos, HR&Konis, Euro lights.
> Cape Cod, MA
> ===========================
> http://www.ccsnet.com
> telnet://ccsnet.com
> Cape Cod's Internet Address
> ===========================

Whew! I'm glad!  I've never been happier that a set of plug wires fit!  I 
was one of the people who posted a message suggesting them.  Thanks for 
giving me a little existential relief.


P.S. Now, don't kid around on me two weeks from now and tell me that they 
fried your car, OK?  The gas burners in my apartment pump out a lot of