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88/90 ski sacks

>From: grubster@megsinet.net (Martin Gruby) 
>Date: Thu, 8 Aug 199616:19:04 -0500 
>Subject: Re: re; 20V 90s 
>At 04:30 PM 8/7/96 EDT, you wrote: 
>YOu don't have a ski sack that goes through the backseat arm rest? I 
>have one on my '88 80 quattro. Why didn't they include on on the 90's? 
>>The 20V I5 90s are a mixed bag, IMO.


The ski sack was an _option_ on the 80/90 series (at least witht the
early models) without it you get a vertically mounted gas tank
directly behind the back seat.  

Where is your gas tank with the ski sack???? (or does it just go 
through the tank?)
A. D. Morris
Phoenix, AZ
1988 90Q