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More on brake dust

On Fri 09 Aug, owner-quattro-digest@coimbra.ans.net wrote:

> From: David Rothenberg <David_Rothenberg.JEFFERIES@itginc.com>
> Date: 8 Aug 96 23:20:40 PS
> Subject: A note on brake dust

> Beware, brake dust is VERY 
> corrosive, and will, given time, turn shinny into dull, and make happy owners,> very, very sad.
> I like to put a quick coat of wax (I use a spray on wax, it is fast and easy so 
> I use it often) wheels after I wash them, and allow the wax to give up its 
> life, so my wheels don't have to.

I agree. My A4Q is now 3 months old with 8000kms and I have used Mothers
3 step system on the car paint AND the wheels. Rewaxed the wheels a couple
of times. 
Remember, the wheels are clearcoated and need protection in the same way your
paint does.
With a good coat of wax on board brake dust washes off easily with a sponge
and some ph-balanced car wash such as Meguiars or Mothers. Glistening and
shiny wheels just like new!!

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
96 A4 1.8Tq MTM 187hp