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Re: RE: Help! Brake Dust

At 11:31 PM 8/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>That high pressure washing will really take a toll on your wheels after a few
>years.   I know this because the Jerkmeat who I purchased my last Audi from
>did this all the time, the finish was all but gone from the wheel, you could
>see the original primer on the outer face of the wheels.    

There are non-gorilla-power washers that will not hurt paint finishes.  He
was probably using a cement washer or something.

>Just get a good
>quality wheel cleaner that is safe for OEM clearcoated wheels, you wont even
>have to scrub.  My best friend has the same  problem with the brake dust on
>his '96 A4Q, we both used Hondabrite on the wheels, it is a well kept secret
>of the motorcycle industry.

Hondabrite is the same as a product called S100, which can be bought at a
discount from motorcycle mail order places such as Chapparral.  I use S100
on my Honda HawkGT all the time and it's great stuff.  Be careful,
though...it's very slimy and your first 1 or 2 stops after using it on the
wheels might take more effort than you're used to.  It's also very expensive.

 - Mitch Loescher