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Re: swapping gas tanks

   > Also, I thought the Q was *smaller* by a gallon or so because of
   > the driveshaft?

   According to my Bentley, (and this holds when filling my GT vs. my
   father's 4Kq) the GT (and I think the other 4cyl 4K's) have a 15.9
   gallon tank, while the 4Kq gets an 18.1 tank.

I have pumped in 23+ gallons on occasion, '83 UrQ.

   The driveshaft doesn't make any difference since in both cases the tank
   is mounted vertically behind the back seat.  You do lose some of the
   trunk space in the 4Kq however.  My GT with the fastback has ~13.5 ft^2
   of cargo volume, while the 4Kq is somewhere in the high 11 ft^2 range if
   I remember properly.  This is due to the fact that they raised the floor
   of the trunk in the 4Kq to accomodate the rear diff and assorted

The obvious penalty for the HFT (Huge F...n' Tank) is a truly, um, "cute"
trunklette, in which I can just about shoehorn in a coupla rifle cases,
or a duffle bag. (Granted, however, that I do chew up the bottom six
inches with the guts of the Stereo system, and the requisite toolbox.)
A cargo vehicle it ain't . . .