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Safety [final word from here]

	Thanks for *all* the e-mail guys.  

	Lee observes you must also take into account how the cars are 
driven. I agree, to a point.  In a not too distant day, I was working on  
a rollover of a [won't name the name] vehicle that took its name from a 
far east warrior [little tiny 4wd  vehicle, got it?].  Numbers were 
trotted out on rollovers that, in the abstract, were interesting--in 
support of the propensity [or non-] of this little thing to roll under 
*normal* driving conditions.  As I recall, a certain high-end 
[highest-end?] GM sports car was way up on the list.  This, was due, in 
large part to driver tendencies [read here, drive it fast and hard].  My 
point?  Numbers don't always tell the truth.

	From what I have seen, the Audi 200 series that I drive, my wife 
drives, and the 5 series that my parents both drive, are "safe".  If they 
were not, I wouldn't be in one--well, my wife wouldn't be:).  Driver 
tendencies are important, but just cause granny drives a Yugo *doesn't* 
mean it is safe--at all.