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Re: What'd I see?

In a message dated 96-08-09 13:06:56 EDT, 75363.2524@CompuServe.COM (Joe
Yakubik) writes:

<< A late model style (C4) 100 with S4 badges and a 4.2 on the rear.  I
thought the
 S4 was an I5 turbo?  I don't think it was badge engineering because there
 also an Audi V8 owners manual on the back seat. >>

What you saw was most likely an Audi S4, the predecessor to the current S6.
 S4s came in two flavours:
1) I5 20-Valve Turbo
2) 4.2 L V8
U.S. and Canadian observers frequently don't know about the V8 S4 because it
was never imported here.

<< Here's what's confusing me:  It had UFO brakes on it. >>

Very possible, given its vintage.  Audi still used them in Europe for some
time after giving up on them in North America.

<<  I know the 90-91 V8's in the US had the 100/200/5k body style (similar
 Did Audi make a V8 in the new body style with the UFO's? >>

They did, but have since stopped using the internal caliper brakes (aka UFO)
in favour of more conventional discs.

For general information, the S6 still comes in multiple flavours as follows:
1)  S6    (I5, 20-Valve Turbo, 230 hp)
2)  S6 4.2   (4.2 L V8, 290 hp)
3)  S6 plus    (4.2 L V8, 326 hp)
All three versions are available in both sedan and wagon (Avant) versions.

My personal choice would be the S6 plus, It gets better fuel economy than the
S6 4.2 so it would practically pay for itself.