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re:Does Heaven have Audis?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Jesse writes:
>>Just got back from a short trip to the Seattle area (Bellevue to be exact)
>>and, gee, I've never seen so many Audis (and Subarus)!  Being from Los
>>Angeles, Audis (and Subarus) are a rare sight but they are everywhere up
>Osman Parvez adds:
>There must be definate regional trends going on. When I drive up into
Vermont I see an incredible >number of Saabs and Suburus. I would expect to
see alot of Audis as well, but was surprised at the >lack of them. Niche
marketing, huh?
& I have to say, the seacoast area of NH is brimming with Audis.  I see four
other coupes almost daily, 5000's and 100's _everywhere_, 80's and 90's
filling in too.  Not many quattros (no urqs).  Why?  Because the plain
vanilla 2wd is great even in our weather ... and some of us just haven't had
that intoxicating first taste yet, eh Paul? (Mr. Royal is never going back..
.)  If I go out for a few hours, visit two towns, drive 50 miles, I'll
probably see 20-30 marque-mates.
just my 0.5 pfg.

Huw 82 cgt