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Re: 5000 Hood Release

On  7 Aug 96 at 16:50, Heneghan,Paul wrote:

> I cannot open the bonnet (hood) of my 1983 Avant.  The cable must have 
>  broken somewhere in the engine compartment.  Does anyone know how I 
>  can open it manually.  The Bentley for the 4000 series shows a couple 
>  of catches you could press - is the 5000 series the same?  Thanks in advance.
My '85 5ks has had a broken grille since before it fell into my hands 
- this may be difficult with an unbroken grille.
I simply slide my hand through the grille, under the hood, palm up, 
slightly to the driver's side of center, grab the first (probably 
only) cable I feel, give it a tug, and the hood pops open (well not 
all the way - I still have to lift it fully open).


   '85 Audi 5000s   '72 Suzuki GT380
   '85 El Camino SS '73 Suzuki GT550 in pieces

    in beautiful Bay City, Michigan