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	Here are my observations, based only real-world crash stuff and 
reviewing about 500 hours of crash test results from various auto makers:

	BTW Lee:  the 86 5k did not have a bag.

	The absolute *worst* thing to hit [from what I have seen] is a 
non-moving thin diameter "barrier" -- striking broadside in either 
passenger or drivers door.  Things like non-snapoff metal light poles / 
traffic signal poles.  In an American made car [1988] saw such a pole 
penetrate from the passenger door all the way through mid-line of driver 
seat.  Carried roof, undercarriage, etc., with it.  Very ugly, very sad 
result.  Speed?  Less than 45.

	BTW, if you get a chance, watch some of the new offset frontal 
impact tapes.  Incredible what happens to driver side interior.  

	Sorry to hear all the sad Audi wreck stories.  How about we 
change the subject to something fun?  Did you hear that Audi is going to 
import a new twin turbo coupe for under 25k?  Just kidding:)