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GT Headliner

For the 2nd time in 2 years, a friend of mine managed to bend the power
antenna on my Coupe GT.  Now it goes up all of 5 inches and then makes an
annoying clicking sound for about 10 seconds after the antenna stops.  Does
the same thing in reverse.  I guess the smart thing to do now is to replace
the antenna with a roof mounted Fuba (5kwagon-type) before it gets bent again
(the spoiler snags the antenna when it is up.)  What is the safest (read: I
don't want to tear it) way to remove the headliner?  And I guess while I'm on
the subject, what do you use to clean the headliner.  Mine is filthy and
nothing I've tried yet takes off the dirt.

Jesse Almero, Jr.
Torrance, CA
'86 Coupe GT