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Audi A4 Purchase


In the next 30 days I am being trasfered to Seattle from Anchorage, Alaska and will lose my new company Dodge 
Voyager van.  We do own a Jeep Grand Cherokee (with the V-8).  So we need to buy a new car.  Had promised 
myself a BMW (328 or M3) but after a test drive was disapointed by it's small interior and poor build quality 
(inside). Only German car I have owned was a '85 GTI which I loved.  Anyhow, while I was prowling around the 
VW dealership I "discovered" the A4.  What a great car!  My wife drove it and agreed it was the one (she sold 
Acuras years ago).  Will spec it in Black (which looked like it had a fair amount of eggshelling in the paint 
texture-is this ok?), 5 speed (not powerfull enough with the auto!), Quatro for Seattle's rain, leather (what 
color?), Bose upgrade, Sunroof, sport steering wheel, remote locking and heated seats.  Can I get all this 
from a dealer in the Pacific Northwest for $31,000 or somewhere between retail and wholesale?  What dealer is 
best.  Should I consider anything else?  Your comments and thoughts sought on this important decision.
Carl Cox