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Audi Specail Tools

If anybody wants to loan their special tools to other people on the list doing
work on their cars, email with your name, and phone number (optional) and I'll
compile the list and we then post it to the list.

I think we should have a policy of the person who wants to use the tool pays
shipping, does not request it until they need it, and returns it promply to the
owner (within one to two weeks of receiving it). I also think a small rental fee
(5-10 bucks) is in order so the people who bought the tools could also recover
the cost (sharing it with everyone else) of the tool.

I'll start the list:

Tool		Owner		Telephone
Paul Waterloo	860-267-7714	Audi #2084, Vibration damper holding device


91 200q

Paul Waterloo                    TEL: (860) 267-7714
HydroAire Incorporated           FAX: (860) 267-7387
875 Old Hartford Rd
Colchester, CT  06415          EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com