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Re: A Subwoofer Question

> bass. My question is - What will happen if I go ahead and port the box for
> 10, 15, or 20 Hz? How will the driver function? Will it be louder at the
> higher freq's? More boomy? ( yuck ) Just plain louder, but have the same
> accuracy? I think that porting it for 15 Hz sounds like a good idea, but I
> do not know how it will function compared to the sealed box. Any ideas?
> Brooks
> In a nutshell, anytime an enclosure is vented (ported) below the free air 
resonance of the driver, the speaker will act as though it is not in any 
enclosure of any kind once the input reaches that frequency. i.e.,

vented at 20Hz, anything 20Hz or below will cause the woofer to flop 
about endlessly.

Now, another aspect of this. Depending on many factors, there is probably 
no way that you will be able to get a signal of 20Hz or below to this 
woofer anyway, so what's the point of tuning the enclosure that low?

Todd Candey,
1996 IASCA Finals winner, AMA 151-300.