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Re: '86 5000S HVAC without a clue...

>>I have an early '86 and the darn automatic controls seem to want to blowout 
>>the front vents for a bit, and then switch to the defroster vents, and 
>>sometimes to the floor, and sometimes the compressor is asked to make cold
>>and sometimes it doesn't get asked to make cold air (not that the cold air is 
>>much more than cool at this point) without me touching a button.  
>>Some of the vacuum hoses seem to be frayed (I installed the 'upgrade oil 
>>catcher' thing for the vacuum lines, and it has some oil in it now), but is 
>>there a controller that is going bad (common??) that I can work on? Or am I 
>>looking in the wrong place?

>Does the change occur under load? My 79 5K had a bad vacuum motor for the
>recirc vent and that system leak made it do all kinds of crazy things.

It happens all the time, load or no load.  Only the a/c does perform a bit 
better when the car is running, but that is to be expected.