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>From: Psycho Bob <honge@creighton.edu>
>Date: Sun, 11 Aug 1996 21:43:52 -0500 (CDT)
>Subject: Re: ur-q

>> What does ur-q stand for. I know it is an older coupe turbo quattro, but
>> what does the ur mean?

>"ur" describes the tone of the voice Audiphiles make when they describe
>the first generation coupe. It's like "Is there any other coupe other
>than this?" sort of ur.

When Audi released the ur-quattro in 1980 it was just called the Audi 
quattro. Later when Audi decided to use the quattro system on other cars in 
their range things became confusing.  They had the 80,90 ,100,200 and 
non-turbo coupe quattro.  The original turbo coupe therefore became known as 
the Ur-quattro.  "Ur" are the first two letters of the German word for 
original.   Although the original, it is still the best in my humble and 
most definitely biased opinion.

Incidentally I saw Tony Hammond race his ex-Pikes Peak 680hp S1 quattro at 
Shelsey Walsh hill climb last Sunday, it truly was an awesome sight.


Alan Williamson
'86  ur-quattro  10 valve
'90  ur-quattro  20 valve