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Re: Ur-Q Parts & Questions

>     The rear window parcel deck/shelf of my 1983 Ur-Q is covered with a
>     lite blue carpet like material.  The rest of the interior is dark
>     brown leather.  I first thought that a previous owner may have changed 

>     this rear deck when adding after market speakers.  There are only 3
>     Ur-Q's, that I know about, in this province.  The other 1983 also
>     white with brown interior has a lite blue rear deck/shelf.  Was this a 

>     standard thing, was it meant to cut down rear window glare or
>     something.  None of the GT coupe's in this area seem to have a blue
>     shelf, in fact my '83 Coupe had a brown shelf and I was going to use
>     it in the Ur-Q.   The Ur-Q is not original, but if the blue served
>     some purpose I would leave it.

It is the original carpet, but has faded to the blue color. My orig rear 
carpet is the same color. I have now fitted a rear deck from an 85 GT. The
seat belt holes are in a slightly different locations, but it worked fine. 
that a dremel tool and some duct tape didn't fix. For carpeting I used the 
box carpet which Crutchfield sells. Looks fine.

You could also re-dye the original carpet to whatever color you like.

>     I require the part number and a good source for hand brake cables for
>     a 1983 Ur-Q.

Call Linda@carlsen, she should be able to find them.

>     I require computer,  part number 035 905 383B, car starts and runs but 

>     after about 5 minutes, I lose reves on shifts and the car can't power
>     up if I do any fast shifting, if I run up through the gears as my
>     granny might it works okay, so is drivable but!!.   The computer isn't 

>     sending a signal to the frequency valve.

I have one of these in my garage. I might part with it in a few weeks, when
my MC powered 83 ur-q leaves my garage under its own power.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com