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Re:Gauge cluster for 4000/CGT

I found the address for the Abt part supplier in the USA for the gauge
cluster that everyone is interested in for adding more gauges to a 4000/
Coupe GT dash:

JH Motorsport
297 Grosse Pines Dr
Rochester Hills, MI  48309
(313) 651-2685

I found it at the end of the European Car article on the UrQuattro
restoration.  I missed it yesterday when i posted the article info.....

Christian J. Long
Orlando, FL
1990 Coupe Quattro
1990 90 -- recently side swiped by a rental car ruining 
a beautifully perfect original Audi paint job!  :(

Previous Audis:
1981 5KT (Dad's),1984 C.GT, 1985 C.GT, 1987 C.GT 2.3, 1987 5KCST (Dad's)