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Re: ur-quattro history (very long)

..>George Harrison on Wed, 14 Aug 1996 00:36:21 wrote
..>Subject: re: ur-quattro history (very long)
..>At 22:08 12/08/96 -0700, R. Tonge wrote:
..>>George, great bit of history, thanks, but the UR-quattro is not the only
..>>car to become a true classic while still in production, unless I am
..>>mistaken, the Mini and 911 are very much classics and are still in
..>Well, OK Rob but remember the Porky has undergone some body styling changes
..>throughout it's life...quattro didn't need to!
..>As for the Mini...you got me on that one (it's been around a lot longer than
..>a quattro too).

it is a source of complete bemusement to me that audi did not have the foresight to continue to invest in the ur-quattro to make it the long-lived classic that the porker 911 is.

the quattro with 300hp (which was available and "dubugged" with the sport quattro) would have provided the quattro with a very comfortable middle age one suspects...

one suspects the internecine politics of the piech (sp?) family (particularly mama piech) and the impact the quattro would have had on the over-rated 911 which took until 1989 (memory a little hazy here) to discover awd and even longer to discover awd and 300hp...

c'est la vie n'est pas?

'93 s2
'90 ur-q