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Re: Oil Consumption/oil level

>Actually what I wanted to get across was that an engine that does not consume
>(as opposed to burn) any oil at all will not last very long.

Hi Graham,

How do you define oil consumption? My 1988 80, 188K km (117K miles) has no
noticable oil consumption between oil changes. When it's due for an oil
change (every 15K km, about 94K miles-this is no mollycoddled performance
car but a working hack!), the oil level on the dipstick looks the same as
after the service (i.e. almost on 'max') except that the oil gets a little
dirty. I use my car mostly for highway (motorway) driving, doing about 90
miles every day. I don't take it above 3000rpm unless it's properly warmed
up. it hasn't got a busted head gasket (enabling my 'oil' level to rise)
and no oil smoke.
I use Wintershall Viva 1 10W40 synthetic oil (great! no lifter noise!)

????Will my engine expire shortly?:-) I think 117K w/out major problems is

1988 80 1.8S FWD

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