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RE: @%#$&%!@

I've also experienced the same symptoms with a broken rocker arm and or a 
jammed pushrod - anything that holds a valve open will sound really bad. but 
is usually an easy, inexpensive fix. My 73 camaro with  a hipo cam that had 
too much lift for the stock valve train broke 4 rockers on different 

mike miller
91 200q 

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On Wed, 14 Aug 1996, Brendan Rudack wrote:

> Go figure,  monday night i finished putting in my new valve lifters, water
> pump, cam seal, valve cover seal etc.  Ran wonderfully all day until the
> engine blew up a few hours ago!  It must have not wanted me to drive it to
> Michigan on Friday.  With the help of Mike Spiers and Carl Jerritts we
> determined that #2 had ZERO compression.  

	I would double check those lifters that you installed.  It may be 
that one of the lifters in the bad cylinder is not allowing the valve to 
close completely, which would cause your low compression.  Since that was 
done recently, IMHO the lifters are highly suspect.

	Good luck, I hope to see you out here soon.

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