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UR-Q Help-need L tie rod

In message <960814124450_384745322@emout08.mail.aol.com> RDG51@aol.com writes:

> To all with UR-Q parts-does anyone have or know of an available left front
> tie rod-part     857419801D?  There is only one in the US at a dealer and the
> cost is way out of line(as usual). I'm trying to get to Lime Rock, so I'd be
> willing to pay for quick frieght. 


I have an 857 419 801 C here in my hand.  The German word is "Spurstange".

The question mark is because I had the same problem - Audi UK nominally keep 
four in the UK, but when my car failed the MOT test for a bad tie rod end (we 
call them track rods) there were none available.  This was last year.  It 
turned out that the factory in Germany was also closed for two weeks, but even 
then had no parts in stock.

I moved heaven and earth, and dredged the planet - the one I wound up using 
came from "The Parts Department", an Audi parts dealer in Brighton, UK (fax 
+44 1273 321363).  It cost GBP171.63 - $258 or so.   The one I now have "in 
stock" (and I'd prefer to keep it) came from Autohaus Luft in D-65760 Eschborn 
- their phone number is +49 6173 62001.

I paid DM290.95 - around $194 - plus shipping.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club