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RE: 911 / Urq

At 05:49 PM 8/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
I have never drove a 911 or a ur-q, but I can say one thing, the 911 looks
10 times better.

>	Dave, Unka Bart, qkids:
>	Me thinks one must be very careful when discussing either of 
>these classics.  Having put my time in with the 911, I can only smile and 
>agree with the words of Master Barton.  IMHO, neither car is better than 
>the other.  To say differently requires a subjective analysis.  Much like 
>discussing which wine is the most perfect, or young lady the most 
>beautiful, too much is subjective to allow for objective discussion.  
>	Yup. What he said. I could *never* part with my ur-q. Someday, perhaps, I
will be able to afford another true enthusiast classic and it will be a 911
of one sort or another, but never in place of the ur, only in addition to.