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Re: Unka Bart's Cars

Hi Jerry, fellow Qheads

> *Sigh* Not a single motorcycle in the list...I am diappointed. Every
> well-equipped garage should have a bike or two...

Kindly allow Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart a wee bit of slack here, if you please.
After 40 years in the saddle, I traded my last scooter, a '74 Kawasaki Z1b,
for a chip for the Pcar.  I *do* miss it from time to time, but then
reality raises its ugly head... 

Motorcyclists are divided into two groups, those who *are* on the ground, and
those who *will be* on the ground.  Much as I still love scooters, I've 
discovered that the older you get, the slower you heal.  So I finally decided 
that I've reached my quota for repaving asphalt with skin, and enriching doctors
for dealing with broken bones.  Call me a wuss if you wish (soz yer old man), 
but *my* two-wheelin' days are, and *shall* remain, but a fond memory...

And whenever I get too nostalgic over the freedom and open-air bliss of 
ear-holin' on a powerful scooter, a quick blastin the Pcar with the top down 
puts the grin back where it belongs.  Not even that gallon-jug of vinegar that 
the Faire Dora forces me to take nips off as an anti-stoopid-grin prophylactic 
measure, can prevent that!

(Obligatory list-relevance alert!)  And there are *no* miserable-weather 
conditions under which, in my wildest scooter dreams, where I'd rather have
*any* two wheeler than my Syncro (a 4KQ wagon in sheeps clothing).

YM, naturally, MV!