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Re: NE Audi Outing Picnic

Hairy green toads from Mars made Paul C. Waterloo say:

> Been away for a few days.
> I have emailed a few people who asked if they could bring food. It looks like
> one of my friends (maybe an audi owner to be?) will be there, and he can also
> bring a small grill (or maybe his gas grill). Osman Parvez might also be able
> to bring a grill.
> Anyway, the grilling thing is on. It might be slow, just like my power
> steering pump leak, but we'll feed everyone.
> I'll be bringing enough hamburgers/hot dogs/sausages for about 15 people.

I can bring a slew of plastic cutlery, and some sort of interesting side
dish (I hope; I'll have to shop tonight). Maybe just some tomatoes and
cukes and zuchinni from the garden....


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