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RE: a4 1.8t news

I saw some photos of a European sports version of the A4 1.8t.  The   
sports seats are VERY nice.  Much better than the ones in my A4q.  They   
were cloth and looked to be really aggressive with the side bolsters.   
 They were, however, in some HORRID pattern.  I wonder if they come in   
the titanium cloth.........?

Jon Linkov
A4q - 11,000 miles since April!!

From:  owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net on behalf of Eliot Lim
Sent:  Thursday, August 15, 1996 4:47 PM
To:  quattro mailing list; audi-nw@u.washington.edu
Subject:  a4 1.8t news

i have just seen the a4 delivery lists for the NW region.. there are just
a small handful of 1.8t's in the list and they are still in the "not   
yet" status.  the guessing is that they will be here late next month or
october and they will be *rare*.  there are however, a huge order of   

also, the 1.8 will not be as decontented as previously thought.  they   
still have climate control but leather is not even available as an   
dunno about wood.  there is a new "sports package" option which will
include sports seats, sports steering wheel and 16 inch wheels.   
is 15in)

no prices have been set yet, but the current betting is merely $1500 less
than the 2.8.  sounds like bad news for many, but i'm not surprised given
the success of the 2.8 which has absolutely no trouble commanding a $30K
price tag.